The London Academy of Gymnastics & Dance Case Study

Revolutionising Engagement with Dream Digital's Social Media Management Service for LAGAD


Dream Digital, a leading social media content manager, partnered with LAGAD to transform their social media presence. The goal was to create dynamic, engaging content that would captivate LAGAD’s target audience—parents, children, schools, and local communities—and foster a vibrant online community.

Approach and Strategy

Recognising the need for a more dynamic approach, Dream Digital’s social media management service overhauled LAGAD’s content strategy. They embraced Instagram reels, a format that allows for creative storytelling, and began attending classes and events to capture authentic, engaging content. This shift from static to dynamic content was a game-changer.

Key Metrics and Results

1. Reach: Dream Digital’s innovative approach to social media community management led to a significant increase in reach. From 11 March to 19 June, Instagram reach soared to 15,000, a testament to the power of dynamic, engaging content.

2. Page and Profile Visits: The shift in content strategy not only expanded reach but also drove more traffic to LAGAD’s Facebook page and Instagram profile. This increase in visits is a clear indicator of the compelling nature of their content.

3. New Likes and Follows: The ultimate proof of Dream Digital’s successful social media management service is the growth in LAGAD’s online community. The number of new likes on the Facebook page and new Instagram followers saw a steady increase during the same period, demonstrating the effectiveness of their community-focused approach.


Dream Digital’s transformation of LAGAD’s social media strategy has led to impressive results. By embracing dynamic content formats and focusing on community-building, they have significantly increased LAGAD’s reach, page visits, and follower count. This case study showcases the power of effective social media management service and the potential it has to engage and attract a dedicated following.


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