CWIC Living Case Study

Boosting Brand Awareness Through Organic Social Media: A Case Study of CWIC's 4 Month Campaign

This case study delves into CWIC’s innovative 4-month organic social media campaign, which was designed to amplify brand awareness. CWIC, a platform that streamlines the process of finding student accommodation, employed a blend of static images, videos, and GIFs to captivate its target demographic: students and their parents. With a steady schedule of three posts per week, the campaign aimed to elevate CWIC’s brand visibility and spotlight its unique offerings.

About CWIC
CWIC is a user-friendly platform that assists students in finding suitable accommodation, tailored to their specific preferences. It enables users to filter search results based on various factors such as room size, location, and additional amenities. In addition to being a housing finder, CWIC also serves as a city guide, providing updates on local events and popular hangouts. Furthermore, CWIC offers a student ambassador program, providing students with an opportunity to earn extra income.

The primary objective of the campaign was to bolster brand awareness among students and their parents. Secondary objectives included driving engagement through comments, likes, shares, and profile visits, and promoting the student ambassador program.

Target Audience
The campaign was specifically targeted towards students and their parents, a demographic that aligns seamlessly with CWIC’s mission and values. The content was meticulously tailored to resonate with this audience, focusing on themes and topics relevant to their interests and needs.

Strategy and Tactics
The campaign harnessed the power of organic social media strategies, focusing on creating engaging content in the form of static images, videos, and GIFs. The content was posted thrice a week on Facebook and Instagram, platforms renowned for their high engagement rates among the target demographic.

Results and Impact
The campaign witnessed a significant surge in reach and profile visits on Instagram over the four-month period. Specifically, the campaign achieved a reach of 12,743 on Instagram and resulted in 204 profile visits. This indicates a successful boost in brand visibility and awareness. The increase in visibility likely contributed to CWIC’s broader objectives of enhancing brand awareness and promoting its student housing services. The rise in profile visits suggests that more people were engaging with CWIC’s content, learning about its services, and potentially becoming customers or student ambassadors.

CWIC’s 4 month social media campaign underscores the efficacy of organic social media strategies in enhancing brand awareness and engaging the target audience. The campaign’s success highlights the importance of understanding the target audience and tailoring content to their interests and needs. The significant increase in reach and profile visits is a testament to the effectiveness of the campaign and the resonance of CWIC’s messaging with its target audience.


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