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Google Ad Campaign

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project overview

In November 2021, Amber and Noah reached out to Dream Digital about growing their digital brand by using paid advertising via Google. Amber and Noah had a strong online following thanks to their recent work with Mrs Hinch, Stacey Solomon and Hello Magazine.

google ad campaign overview

the strategy

During our initial meetings, we discussed Amber and Noah’s brand, business goals, best-selling products, worst selling products, most popular categories and their top 10 competitors. After completing our research process, we compiled their data including over 10,000 keywords related to their industry and products.

To ensure that the keywords were relevant to Amber and Noah, we decided to use more long-tail keywords as customers are 80% more likely to convert. This is because long-tail keyword as they are looking for something particular instead of searching for “baby clothes.”

the budget

Amber and Noah set aside a starting budget of £100 for a campaign to run between November – December. We split this into a daily budget of £3 which would serve the 31 days that the campaign would be live.

The campaign ran from November 21st to December 21st – results are below and comparing to the previous period of October 21st – November 21st before we started to manage Ambers website and Google PPC campaigns.

the results

ecommerce overview

audience overview